DIAMONROX FACE PAINTING observes current Health and Safety and Best Practice Guidelines.

1. For safety reasons, DIAMONROX FACE PAINTING only use high quality face paints and glitter, such as Fusion & FX. I take health and hygiene very seriously and for this reason I use a clean sponge per child to avoid cross contamination. All face paints are water-based, non toxic, hypoallergenic and comply fully with EU and FDA toy and cosmetic regulations.

2. I recommend that face paints and glitter are removed with warm water and a soft flannel.

3. I will be happy to paint/glitter anyone over the age of 3 years old…there is no upper age limit!

4. DIAMONROX FACE PAINTING is not liable for any reactions which may occur from the paints/glitter.

5. Unfortunately I cannot:

• Paint/glitter anyone with cuts or skin conditions such as eczema dermatitis, Chicken pox, cold sores etc. (this list is not exhaustive)

• I will, if possible, offer a painting/glitter on the arm or hand where the skin is not so sensitive.

• Paint/glitter any part of the body which I deem unsuitable.

• Be liable for any reactions which may occur from the paints/glitter.

• Paint/glitter on un-willing children; if a child is unsure about it, I will not paint/glitter them as I want their experience to be an enjoyable one.

• Supervise children. Their behavior & safety is the Clients and/or parent’s responsibility at all times.

6. Photographs will not be used without parental/guardian consent. Any photographs taken will be used for promotional purposes only and identities will not be revealed to third parties.

7. I will not paint/glitter any person (regardless of age) against their wishes – including sleeping children.

8. I will not paint/glitter anything that I deem to be offensive, obscene and/or inappropriate for the event or group.

9. If you have a bouncy castle it is your responsibility to check with the castle company if they allow face paints on them.

10. Please do not eat or drink whilst being painted/glittered.

11. Verbal or physical abuse will not be tolerated.